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Unlock the Nuances of Barrel Aging

For exceptional Spirits and Wines

Casklink's Main Functions


Whether entire warehouses or individual private barrels – with Casklink you have convenient access to your barrels at any time and from anywhere via our cloud solution.


Our software offers customizable alerts to notify distillers of any deviations from optimal storage conditions, or even leakages – safeguarding your valuable liquids.


Use the dashboard of our software for accurate and efficient analysis of data over time. This will provide insights and opportunities for continuous improvement in the whisky storage and maturing process.

Benefits of Casklink

Ideal Storage Conditions

Measuring the temperature and humidity of each individual barrel makes it possible to ensure optimum storage conditions on the one hand and to identify areas in the warehouse where unfavorable conditions prevail on the other.

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Leakage Detection

Our software detects leakages at an early stage and sends an alarm. This allows to minimize the loss of contents, especially for newly filled casks.

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Real Time Inventory

With our system you have at any time a precise picture of your inventory, without tedious level measurements and conversions, but directly on what counts – the net content of each barrel.

Consistency Assurance

With Casklink, you can easily compare weight changes across all your barrels. This capability ensures that the aging conditions remain uniform throughout your collection. Consistency in aging conditions translates to consistent whiskey quality, meeting the expectations of connoisseurs and preserving your brand’s reputation.

Maturation Rate Analysis

The System provides insights into whiskey maturation rates. Faster weight loss suggests quicker aging, resulting in intensified, complex flavors

Track Angel's Share

Casklink helps you quantify the “Angel’s Share” and fine-tune flavor concentration for exceptional whiskey quality. By closely monitoring this phenomenon, you gain greater control over the flavor profile and quality of your spirits.

Identify Devil's Cut

Everyone knows it is there, but it has been almost impossible to quantify it reliably until now.

Data Integrity and Accuracy

Automated transmission of measured values reduces human error and ensures higher data integrity and accuracy. This facilitates the process of review and control by authorities, as they can access reliable and verified data.

Additional Features


No tedious cable laying and tangled cables. The whole system works wirelessly

Easy Installation

Easily attach the sensor module to the bar or rack, on which your barrel is stored. No screws or ties needed, this all works magnetically.

Low Maintenance

You can expect minimal maintenance because the Casklink system works with standard AA batteries. And with up to 4 years runtime.



“From Thurgau to the top of the world” was the motto of Macardo’s pilot project, which later became Casklink. The first systems have been in use there since 2020 and Macardo proudly calls its barrel storage system the most innovative in the world.

Distillery of the Edith-Haberland-Wagner Foundation


In the newly commissioned and eagerly awaited foundation distillery in Freiham (Munich, DE), we were able to equip their barrel storage locations with our Casklink system. We are pleased to be a part of this great project

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